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Here it is! If you've been wondering where your kids have really been going after school or if your significant other is actually spending all of their time at the gym, this super easy hack may help relieve your worried mind!

To be clear, we're not advocating spying on your significant other, but I personally believe, if it's your kid and they're a minor and living in your house, you have every right to keep track of them, respectfully, of course.

I don't care how confident and secure you are, you've had doubts as to where someone has told you they were going. Let's face it. When your kid starts borrowing the car every night to go to the library, but they also have a new boy or girlfriend, chances are they're either meeting up there or making another stop... or not going to the library at all. If you're comfortable with snooping, this simple iPhone trick can help to alleviate your stress and worry.

Personally, I will never be with anyone romantically that I have to worry about where they're at, but situations do arise. If I had paid a little closer attention earlier in life, I might still be married. Regardless of where you stand regarding your significant other's privacy, consider this another tool to add to your arsenal.

Want to Know Where They've Been Going? Try this Easy iPhone Hack!

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