A new executive order from Washington, DC Mayor Vincent Gray prohibits agencies in the nation’s capitol from asking about a person’s immigration status.  The rule applies to all police, emergency personnel, the attorney general’s office and other DC agencies.  The order also prohibits agencies from contacting U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, unless a suspect’s immigration status is part of a criminal investigation.


So, we have states passing laws that specifically give authorities the right to question immigration status but our nation’s capitol is doing the exact opposite!  Doesn’t Mayor Gray understand the financial burden these illegal immigrants are putting on his city and the nation?  I personally don’t want my tax dollars supporting any person living illegally in this country, especially in my nation’s capitol.

Soon, in the seat of democracy, illegal aliens will not have to prove their right to be here sucking up our tax dollars but CITIZENS will have to prove that have purchased healthcare insurance!!!  I certainly know what’s wrong with this picture.  It’s time we change the focus on the people that are here ILLEGALLY and get them to go home.