Lafayette Consolidated Government's Environmental Manager Mark Pope says trash and recycling pickup schedules will not be greatly disrupted.  Pope visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and said only one day this week will be skipped.

According to Pope,

Wednesday is the only day this week that waste collection folks will take off.   What that means is Wednesday collections will be shifted to Thursday, Thursday collections will be shifted to Friday and Friday collections will be shifted to Saturday.

This is the time of year when Americans generate the most waste so we asked Pope what should be done with excess waste and he replied,

If you fill the blue cart you can place excess on the ground but it must be bagged and placed approximately three feet away from the cart.  Remember the cart lid must be closed.  If you have a large box such as the box for a 50 inch TV place it on the ground near the cart and it will be picked up but please don't fill it with garbage.

We asked Pope how to recycle Christmas trees and he said,

If it is a natural tree clean it of all lights, decorations and tinsel and place it curbside and it will be collected and shredded into compost.  If it is an artificial tree remove all the decorations and place it curbside and it will be collected and destroyed.

You can hear the entire interview by clicking the link below:



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