Despite the fact that we have seen what KATC's StormTeam 3 sometimes calls "popcorn" showers in the afternoon, there IS a water conservation ordinance in place in Lafayette Parish that prohibits LUS customers from using automated watering or sprinkler systems during peak hours from May 1st through September 30th.


Residents and businesses whose addresses end in odd numbers are allowed to activate their systems between the hours of midnight and 2pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Those whose addresses end in even numbers may do so on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. No one can activate them on Monday. Hand-watering with a hose is allowed at any time, but someone must actually be holding the hose, according to the LUS website.

The ordinance was enacted so that the pressure could remain stable and so that firefighting efforts could be maintained, should the need arise.

A copy of the brochure, which includes the schedule, is available here for you to download as a friendly reminder.