Windy Meadows is a subdivision in the unincorporated area of Lafayette Parish.  A KPEL news source says he and his family are tired of putting up with problems with their water and sewer services provided by TESi (Total Environmental Solutions Incorporated).

This client of TESi has lived in Windy Meadows for more than twelve years, and he says they have problems with dark water about fifty percent of the year even though they have spend thousands of dollars to buy a purification system for their water.  He will not drink the water, and his family only uses it for flushing toilets and washing clothes.  He chose to contribute to the story, but he declined to give his name.

"We don't drink the water.  I won't let them because I fear for my family's safety.  We've spent thousands of dollars on a whole house water filtering system, and the water still smells, still tastes metallic and still is discolored more often than it is clear", said the KPEL source.

He says he and his family have now been without water since the mid part of the weekend.  He says Saturday, around 5 p.m.,  "I heard a very very loud explosion that sounded like a sonic boom. It knocked a picture off my wall in the bedroom and shook the entire neighborhood"

Exploded Tesi Water Tank

The TESi customer says his street soon filled with his neighbors.  He explains, "Everybody walked out of their houses, nobody knew what happened, my wife then called to me to say the water was off, and when we walked to the end of our street we saw that the tank had exploded."

The customer then called TESi to inform them of the tank explosion.  He was told by the answering service that the company had been made aware of the situation and that the proper people were informed.  The KPEL source says that is the last they have heard from TESI.  As of 8 a.m. this morning, he says they have received no information from TESi.

The customer says they company has not called, there have been no hangers on the door and no one in the neighborhood knows when the water might be back on.  Our calls to TESi have not yet been returned.

The customer says he wants this problem and all the other TESi issues fixed, and most of all right now, he says he wants to know when the water will come back on.  His family is depending on relatives to bathe, wash clothing and fix meals, as they have no running water.

This customer says he is thinking about contacting  Youngsville City Hall to ask officials if there is anyway their town would consider annexing that neighborhood.

"I find it totally reprehensible that a company that provides a public service as vital as water does not have the infrastructure nor desire to communicate with their customers."

As of this posting, Tesi had not yet returned our two calls requesting information.

The community has put together a facebook page to discuss the situation: Windy Meadows For Quality Water