How out of touch can Senator Mary Landrieu be? From my view it looks like she makes the space program seem alive and well...because she is so spaced out she doesn't know where she lives and doesn't see the impropriety of making taxpayers pay for charter flights.

At one point it seems Senator Landrieu could have asked some underling, 'How are we paying for these charter flights?" She flew from Washington to New Orleans on Air Force One with the President and must have deemed it below her status to travel by ground based transportation. Nobody is suggesting that she should have personally driven to Lake Charles but a four drive from New Orleans to Lake Charles would have been a time to catch up on sleep. She might even have stopped off somewhere to grab a bite to eat in support of her hardworking constituents. Instead someone chartered a private plane to whisk her about the state. Maybe if she would have gotten trapped on I-10 like many of us have she might have gained a new perspective to complete I-49. Imagine the conversation on the charter flight, "Excuse me underling, can you tell me why all those cars and trucks are just parked and blocking the highway?"

Those expenses from charter flights still have not been settled yet and Republican candidate retired Colonel Rob Maness has taken another shot at Landrieu's candidacy by filing suit claiming the Senator from Louisiana doesn't live in the state she represents. Today former candidate Paul Hollis has filed another suit against Landrieu questioning her residency.

I really don't know if it can get any worse but remember how bad those 'Oh, Daddy' commercials were? Well, have you seen the new commercials by the opposition? They very pointedly question Landrieu's residency over and over. These commercials were well produced and seem to funded by some big money.

Today we also hear of Dr. Bill Cassidy's endorsement by Dr. Ben Carson. How will that affect the 'Good Ship Landrieu'? Landrieu has always had a large block of support from the African-American community and it makes you wonder whether Carson's endorsement will have any affect.

Landrieu has won the title of 'Most Vulnerable Senator Up For Reelection In 2014' and I think this will be her toughest race to date and she will be getting a new job after November 4th. Lobbyist at least can charter their own planes with no worries.

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