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A recent poll of 1,000 mothers found out what moms really want for "Mother's Day".

Mother's Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 8 and now we have a better idea as to what mom may really want on the day we recognize her.

In the poll, the majority of moms say that they just want a nap or time for themself.

Coming in second, moms say that they'd like quality time with their kids or a card. So, you don't really have to overthink this one.


Let mom enjoy her day without the kids hanging on her or having to do what she does each and every day at home.

In the same poll, mothers were asked, if they could take a full day off away from their children, would they? Nearly 67% of moms said that they would while 33% said “no.”

Let me note here that if you'd like to clean the house or do chores around the house this weekend, would greatly appreciate that too.

By the way, if you're wondering what a mom in Louisiana wants, she is part of the majority, moms here want a NAP!!

So, let mom sleep this Sunday!

Here's the breakdown of the survey by state.

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