What rights does a person have when they are pulled over by a police officer or drive through a police checkpoint.

Louisiana State Police Troop I spokesperson Brooks David, who joined "Nathan & Bernie in the Morning," said a driver can refuse to give a police officer permission to search their vehicle, but if that officer has probable cause, a search warrant can oftentimes be obtained by a judge. If an officer sees something in plain sight, though, such as a bag of marijuana or some other illegal item, a warrant is not needed.

If a driver refuses to allow an officer to search their vehicle, David said one of two things can happen: that officer will call a K9 unit or get a search warrant from a judge.

During the course of a search, a driver who had originally given permission can take back that authorization, David said. However, if an officer decides he needs to continue the search, he will begin the process of getting a search warrant while preventing anyone, including police, access to the vehicle.

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