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The Missouri Senate Race May Be Closer Than You Think

Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has been leading in the Republican primary polling in Missouri. The scandal-plagued politician seems to have a ceiling, though. His opponents are narrowing the gap.

Two of Greitens' opponents -- Attorney General Eric Schmitt and U.S. Representative Vicky Hartzler -- have been keeping it fairly close (or, in some cases, making it closer) for the last few weeks while Greitens' share of the vote has gone down in the polls. The RealClearPolitics polling average has Schmitt within a couple of points of Greitens, and Hartzler is a few points behind Schmitt.

But aside from the polling, there is some data out there suggesting that Greitens may not be a lock and that his lead in the polls might be shifting soon. It seems that Democrats are more worried about the Attorney General than the former Governor, as they are now attacking Schmitt on abortion.

This is important for two reasons: For one, Greitens' very unsavory past makes him extremely vulnerable to Democratic attacks, and for another, the Republican Party seems hellbent on testing just how bad a candidate has to be to potentially lose in a tsunami-type wave year.

Where Is Our Oil Going?

ExxonMobile Posts Record Breaking Quarterly Profit
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Joe Biden has been bragging (foolishly, I might at) about releasing massive amounts of our strategic oil reserve. The problem? It's not staying in the United States.

Joe Biden has shipped five million barrels from the United States' Strategic Oil Reserve abroad, after claiming that releasing them would help ease Americans' pain at the pumps.

The president faces accusations of a sneaky sleight of hand as it was revealed that between a fifth and a sixth of the reserve oil he bragged about releasing to boost supply made its way offshore to Europe and Asia in June.

Biden authorized the release of a million barrels a day from April onwards. But his action has done little to combat soaring gas prices, with the national average sitting at $4.74 as of Tuesday - still far above the $2.28-a-gallon average from just before he took office.

And the Biden administration is pretending to not know about it.

Democrats Starting To Openly Oppose The Biden Administration

You have to check this out. Democrats are turning on each other in the clearest sign there is no real leadership in the party ahead of November.

Politico spoke with Democratic strategist Camille Rivera, who said “He [Biden] is missing the boat here” in terms of being more vocal about what Democrats are fighting for.

“This is our time to dig in and be absolutely furious because these one-half measures are not working. He’s got a real excitability problem,” Rivera said. “Our rights are being infringed upon and then there were two shootings [another in Philadelphia] on the exact day that people are supposed to be celebrating their ‘independence.’ I really don’t understand where this passivity comes from in this situation.”

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