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DeSantis, Youngkin, and Harris Hit The Road

Glenn Youngkin, who won a tight race for governor in Virginia, will be stumping for Kari Lake in the Arizona governor's race. Ron DeSantis is also hitting the road.

DeSantis’ road trip mirrors the state-by-state rallies that former President Donald Trump is holding in battlegrounds ahead of the midterms and his expected foray into another bid for the White House, and it has served as a prelude to a hypothetical primary battle between the GOP’s two biggest names. On Saturday, Trump held a rally for Republican Senate nominee J.D. Vance in Youngstown, Ohio, where DeSantis dazzled a large crowd last month. From Olathe, Kansas, DeSantis traveled to Green Bay to stump for Wisconsin GOP gubernatorial nominee Tim Michels, about 90 minutes north of where Trump did the same in August.

Vice President Kamala Harris is also being sent out by the Biden administration, but her situation is different. She has a tough, if not impossible, task:

Now, there are two different parts to this task. The first, and most impossible, is to recruit young voters to turn out for the midterm election.

That was Bernie Sanders’ plan in 2020, and it failed miserably. Despite his popularity among young voters, particularly college students, they never actually went out to vote for him, which was part of the reason that Biden was able to win the nomination.

Recruiting young voters has also been a part of several other candidates’ plans in recent years. Younger voters showed up in higher numbers for the actual presidential election in 2020, but in primaries and midterm elections, they are historically absent. If they are relying on young voters to save Democrats right now, it’s not a good situation for Democrats.

The second part of her task is to bring voters of color back to the Democratic party. This is far more serious.

You can read more on that from my morning column (linked above).

The Price of Transparency

As we have covered here at KPEL, Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory is now facing a lawsuit over a recent policy change that charges media organizations for electronic copies of public records. I wrote over the weekend about the intense blowback Guillory was getting from those outlets.

The legality is somewhat in question. There is no doubt that other municipalities do this sort of thing, and it is permitted under state law. However, Guillory's own comments on KPEL's "Acadiana's Morning News" make it sound like the policy is punitive rather than for the public good, and there is the question over whether or not the policy was properly put into place per the Home Rule Charter.

Biden's Disastrous "60 Minutes" Interview

In a broad "60 Minutes" interview, Joe Biden gave a lot of answers to a lot of questions, and he's taking flack for almost all of it.

  • He severely undercut his rationale for the student loan bailout.
  • He did so by declaring the pandemic was over, angering progressives.
  • He said the U.S. would fight China if they invaded Taiwan, prompting an almost immediate walkback from the White House.

The Biden team has their work cut out for them after this one.

Headlines Of The Day

  • GOP goes after Raphael Warnock for his money. The Senator is getting a salary disguised as a housing allowance from his old church. (Politico)
  • Treasury yields are soaring, which is a big indication people expect a recession and are looking for a safe harbor for their money. (CNBC)
  • Putin’s supporters are getting tired of the war. (NBC)
  • Iran’s President rages against the United States even as he tries for a deal. (CBS)
  • 'The Woman King' Has the Black Community Boycotting It for Lies Both in and out of the Movie (RedState)

Tweet Of The Day

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10 Great Love Songs By Louisiana Musicians

Louisiana is known around the world for the unique brands of music it's people have created. The Zydeco, Cajun, and swamp pop sounds are indeed one-of-a-kind, but the songwriters in those genres share a common trait with songwriters from the other forms of American music: They use their songs to express their love. So today, we present this compilation of love songs recorded by Louisiana musicians. Whether its Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or any other day, these songs will certainly help you say, "I love you, cher!"

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