On 'Winging It Wednesday' strong emotions were exhibited when we asked the panelists their views on the recent display of the 'gay pride' flag on Lafayette Consolidated Government property.  The flag was unfurled below the American Flag at the recreation center in Girard Park.

Warren Caudle said,

Quite frankly I believe the American flag is a flag of immense, immense honor and I get offended when I see that thing desecrated so many different ways by people who actually think they are being patriotic by having the thing flying around on their cars until it's so ragged that it falls off in the streets and gets run over.  Everything from that to having napkins printed as American flags at luncheons that people think is patriotic and people sitting there wiping food off their mouths.

Caudle was even more concerned with a recent display of grief.

I know I'm certainly in the minority on this but recently I saw an image on TV of 18 flags draped on the bodies on the ground of the firefighters who lost their lives in the Western wildfires.  You just don't do that.

In closing Caudle said,

If you let this 'gay pride' flag fly under the American flag what else will you allow to fly.  The jihadists they want to fly their flag, the old Rebel flag, the rising sun flag from Japan, the Nazi flag.  What else are you going to fly....I say 'No'.

Panelist Mike Stagg referenced Councilman Andy Naquin and his possible resolution to ban certain flags from being flown on Lafayette Consolidated Government property and said,

According to a letter from the ACLU Naquin's proposal would be unconstitutional.  If you're going to ban one flag you have to ban all flags that are not the American flag, the Louisiana flag, the City of Lafayette flag or Acadiana flag.  The original complaint by one of Naquin's constituents was based on a bias the guy has.  It has to be all or nothing.

In addition to the 'gay pride' flag we also discussed the delay of implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act and possible fraud.  You can hear those comments an more on the flag controversy by listening to the interview:

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