Sarah Ann Lewis Boyle is suing the Carmel Unified School District after she says the Carmelo School were she used to work failed to accommodate her breastfeeding schedule.

The Miami Herald reports that Boyle sued the school and the district alleging wrongful termination and discrimination after she says a manager told her to change her breastfeeding schedule.  Why?  I just don't understand why they couldn't give the woman a little time.

Boyle says before she returned to work after giving birth she told a school manager should would need fifteen minutes in the morning to pump her breast milk.  She says she was told to change her schedule, and train her breasts not to produce milk at that time. Yeah, okay, so what does it matter that this is the way that works best for mother and child?  We don't know all of the facts, but really, why couldn't they just cut this woman some slack?

Boyle also claims she was then given a poor review and was encouraged to resign. She says the school did nothing to accommodate her.  The District is not commenting.  Of course.  Who knows what will happen with this case, but I just don't understand why things have to come to this.  Why wouldn't they just work with her?  I guess they will now, though, since they are being sued.