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The New Orleans Saints have assembled a strong defensive unit stemming from their 2017 draft class in which they selected two pillars of the secondary in Marshon Lattimore and Marcus Williams.

This off-season there have been some additions and subtractions but has the defense gotten better, stayed mostly the same or has gotten worse?

According to pro football focus, at the end of the 2019 season the Saints defense as a whole ranked 7th overall, the defense allowed 341 total points which ranked 13th and Demario Davis was the highest-graded defensive player at 90.4.

We'll go position by position group to examine the Saints defense as a whole to determine if they've gotten better, stayed mostly the same or in fact gotten worse.

The Defense

As a whole, I feel as though the defense got slightly better but I would feel a little more comfortable if the secondary added a little bit more depth. Even though the defensive line stayed the same they're pretty elite and didn't need much work so I'm cool with them staying the same.


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