It's no secret that Yellowstone swept us all off of our feet with its twists and turns each and every episode. We laughed, cried, and stayed in suspense as each season unfolded. We are now sitting in the greatest waiting period ever as we wait and see what happens to our favorite characters in the upcoming season four. Perhaps with all of that stress, you might need to relax a little bit. Now, you can do it at the Dutton Ranch itself. One small change, it's actually named the Chief Joseph Ranch.

The ranch is the location for the famed Yellowstone series. The list of shooting locations on the ranch itself is quite large: barns, corral, fields, woods, cemetery, entrance, Rip's boyhood home, Bitterroot River, Lee's cabin, Trapper cabin, Rip's cabin, Kayce's cabin, and the armory. You will also see the great room, helipad, porch, and of course the kitchen.

You can now stay at the ranch, but only in the cabins. According to the Chief Joseph Ranch website, they have two cabins available for guests to rent. You can rent Rip's cabin featured in seasons 1 and 2 and Lee's cabin featured in Seasons 1 and 2. Both of the cabins can sleep eight of your friends plus they have a kitchen and grill. Each cabin also features a washer and dryer. They also go on to say that you can bring your own horses for just $25 per day to use the corral and pasture.

Stay At Dutton Ranch From Yellowstone

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