Being a Pelicans fan is to know suffering itself. Watching this team is like watching a bad soap opera such as: "As Zion's World Turns", "David Griffin & the Restless", "Brandon Ingram the Beautiful", and "Days Of Valanciunas". I could have kept going but you get the idea(shoutout to my grandmother and all those hours we watched soap operas for this moment). It is just rough being a Pelicans fan. Now we have another thing to worry about, as it was reported today that Zion Williamson suffered another setback. After experiencing consistent soreness, it was revealed that the bone in his foot began regressing and wasn't healing like it was supposed to. So in turn, they began to decrease his workload so his foot can heal correctly.

This whole process with Zion Williamson has been a rollercoaster. From David Griffin and the team lying about his readiness to the fake pictures about his weight to Zion's unprofessional handling of his injury. For this team to get better Zion has to become a professional. It is time to put the childish ways behind and treat basketball like a job. I get that you have been this phenom your whole life, but now everybody is just as good. And the only way for you to get back to what you and the fans envisioned for you, is to become more professional. But this isn't all on Zion. A lot of blame needs to be given out to the team and specifically David Griffin. He lied to the fans about this injury and recovery time so the team could continue to sell tickets. The way this team handled the press of this injury makes you question if you can believe anything that comes from the organization. And look I get it, injuries are a part of the sport. But my mom always told me it's not what you say it's how you say it and David Griffin did neither right.

It sucks that we as fans are in this position, it sucks for Zion that he is in this position, and it sucks for Mrs. Benson and the rest of the team that they are in this position. I think it's too early to start considering trades for Zion Williamson because let us not forget what type of player he is. When healthy, Zion is a 27 point, 7 rebounds, 4 assists type of player. However, I do think we can have the conversation of, "should the Pelicans have drafted Ja Morant?". Ja has been healthy and a real leader for Memphis. He turned around that entire franchise, meanwhile, the Pelicans are wondering when Zion will play again. For now, I will enjoy watching Brandon Ingram and Jonas Valanciunas play basketball and hope that Zion can get healthy soon.

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