Fridays always bring a discussion of food and in the search for food aficionados, we remembered our friend from Fox News Radio, Todd Starnes.  Todd Starnes has been all over the country and has tasted many kinds of food.  Starnes has had some fond memories of Acadiana and the Lafayette area, having spent some time on local favorites like Boudin Pie.  Starnes said,

I really love anytime I get a chance to come to Lafayette, because you guys have some of the best restaurants, some of the best food, I think, in the country, and definitely in Louisiana.

Starnes talked about getting some of the best barbecue in Memphis and how he has an amazing barbecue joint in his neighborhood in New York City.

When it comes to the campaign, Starnes said that he does see a way for Mitt Romney to become President, but warned that he will be a President that tends to be moderate.  He also mentioned that there are ways that President Obama could win a second term and that the debate on Monday would be key to the whole election.

Listen to the entire discussion with Todd below: