The city of Chicago has a rat problem. A big one. And the Tree House Humane Society thinks they have a solution. And honestly, I'm thinking it's pretty brilliant.

The Humane Society's "Cats at Work" program is being used to combat the massive rodent issue in what they are calling an "environmentally friendly, feline solution." Since 2012, the program has released 1,000 feral cats into the city for rat control. The cats are humanely caught, and then spayed and neutered before they are released back into areas that are experiencing a problem. And it seems to be a win-win solution for the stray cat AND rodent population that has seemingly spiraled out of control.

Late last year the folks at Orkin Pest Control published their annual list of "Rattiest Cities', and Chicago was at the top of the heap for the sixth straight year. Not exactly the honor the city wants to be known for.

The Tree House website explains the procedures being used by saying on their website "Cats are placed two or three at a time into residential or commercial settings in order to provide environmentally friendly rodent control. Property and business owners provide food, water, shelter, and wellness to the cats who work for them. In most cases, our Cats at Work become beloved members of the family or team and some even have their own Instagram pages!" Read more about the feral cats from



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