There is a lot of interesting real estate available in and around Lafayette Parish, from the most expensive to the most interesting. If you're in the market for something upscale, Lafayette has a lot to choose from.

Currently, there are 11 homes available in the $1 million range ($990,000 to $1.1 million), and every of them looks pretty nice. There are some older homes (at least one is over a century old) and some new developments. But what they all have in common is their availability in Lafayette.

Homes You Can Buy for $1 Million in Lafayette, Louisiana

If you've got the money, you've got a lot of options in Lafayette for a nice home currently on the market. Here's what you can buy for about $1 million right here in the heart of Acadiana.

Gallery Credit: Joe Cunningham

If that's not your speed, don't forget that the most expensive home in Lafayette is still available.

Most Expensive Home For Sale in Lafayette, Louisiana

The real estate listing for this home, which is located at 155 Shannon Rd. in Lafayette, features a lot of beautiful architecture and plenty of features that make it an extremely desirable place to live.

This home is a 4-bed, 6-bath (two half-baths) home with a mix of brick, carpet, marble, and wood flooring. It's got a 3-car garage, completely covered, and other space in the driveway for guests to park.

With nearly 10,000 total square footage of space, this home could be yours for $3,795,000.

Gallery Credit: Joe Cunningham

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