Lafayette Consolidated Government council chairman Jared Bellard joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss last night's council meeting.  According to Bellard three proposals were presented by Councilman Keith Patin including: changing the title of the City-Parish President to Mayor, to add members to the planning commission and deconsolidating the present form of government by using weighted votes.

Bellard said he was vehemently opposed to the last item presented to use weighted votes on the council.  According to Bellard,

"The people of my district elected me to have a voice and that voice should not be diminished."

Bellard added he was accused by some council members of a lack of leadership by not supporting the idea of a weighted vote system.  Bellard responded,

"I'm not going to load the gun and shoot myself when it's going to hurt the people who elected me."

Listen to the interview:

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