The three regular Winging It Wednesday panelists had plenty of opinions to share on the show.

The three talk extensively, and even argued about facts, concerning Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mark Garber's 1/2 cent sales tax proposition for law enforcement that is on Saturday's ballot for voters.

Warren Caudle, Carol Ross and Stafford Barnett each gave their thoughts on how this tax ultimately will be used. Ross and Barnett severely disagreed over facts about what the Sheriff's tax will and will not be used for.

When it came to the topic of changes to Lafayette's Home Rule Charter, Barnett explained that he believes this is a good measure, and he will be supporting it.

Ross says she find there are too many questions about the way government would operate under the changes for her to support this measure.

On both issues, Warren Caudle didn't declare how he voted even though he says he took advantage of the early voting process.

When it came to former President George H.W. Bush, Caudle was very expressive and passionate, especially about the media.

Below you can hear the three battle it out to make their points.