Today on 'Winging It Wednesday' Carol Ross, Warren Caudle and Mike Stagg discussed the three topics presented and as usual the discussion got heated.

We asked the panel their views on:

  • China can now bypass Wall Street when buying U.S. government debt and go straight to the U.S. Treasury, in what is the Treasury's first-ever direct relationship with a foreign government, according to documents viewed by Reuters.
  • Back in 1982, President Ronald Reagan decided not to sign a treaty known as “Law of the Sea” (LOST), a United Nations convention that would raid America’s treasury for billions of dollars, then redistribute that wealth to the rest of the world by an international bureaucracy headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica.
  • The North Carolina high school student who was berated by his teacher after he spoke critically of President Obama told Fox News on Monday that he wanted to "laugh" when he heard the teacher suggest he could be arrested for criticizing a sitting president.The argument started when the classroom began discussing news reports that Mitt Romney bullied a fellow student when he was in high school.

On the last topic Mike Stagg said,

"so the teacher made some comment to a student in North Carolina.  So what?  I don't even know if the event took place."

We assured Stagg that the event had been recorded.

Listen to today's 'Winging It Wednesday':

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