One thing that South Louisiana is known for is our cooking, so there's nothing better than an authentic Cajun cookoff!

One of my favorite cookoffs to attend is an Anything Over Rice cookoff, as you'll never know what dishes to expect. Gumbo? That goes with rice. Red beans? With rice, of course! Sauce piquant? Again, rice! Smothered chicken? 7-steak with gravy? Shrimp and egg stew?  IT ALL GOES OVER RICE!!

This Anything Over Rice cookoff will not only be a way for you to taste test several delicious dishes, but it'll also do a few other things for you:

  • It'll get you out of the house. With the weather changing, outside temperatures are going to be much more tolerable. Also, with all of the pandemic stuff that we've been through, an outing will be good for the soul!
  • You'll get to see people you've likely not seen in a while, or even meet new people.
  • You'll get to help a great cause, as all proceeds benefit Animal Aid for the Vermilion Area and the Kalix James Broussard Memorial Scholarship Fund.
  • You'll get to peruse several different vendors' booths which will help you get started on your Christmas shopping or your Fall decorations. Who knows, you might even find something unique for which you've been searching among the crafts booths or the silent auction tables.
  • You'll get to visit with animals that are in need of loving homes. Animal Aid for the Vermilion Area currently has dozens of dogs and cats that were dumped or neglected that are ready to be your best friends.
  • You'll be entertained! Live bands are scheduled to perform.
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Whittington Veterinary Clinic's 4th Annual Anything Over Rice Cookoff will take place on Saturday, October 9th, 2021. The gates open at 10 am. Whitting's clinic is located in Abbeville near Shuck's, at 1101 West Port Street.

If you would like to enter a team into the cooking competition, a $75 donation will get you tent space and a chance at some bragging rights. Vendors are asked to donate $30 for booth space to sell their wares at the event.

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The entertainment for the event features Al Roger & Louisiana Pride for some good Cajun music.

After Al Roger & Louisiana Pride, one of Acadiana's favorite party bands takes the stage: Bag of Donuts!


Admission is free to this event if you'd like to come and enjoy the music and do some shopping at the vendors' booths. If you'd like to sample some of the soon-to-be award-winning creations, a $5 donation is requested. A VERY small price to pay to get a taste of some great, South Louisiana home cooking!

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Some of the proceeds from the event will help Animal Aid for the Vermilion Area, a foster-based non-profit animal rescue organization that works primarily with local foster families and animal rescues around the country. AAVA has a goal of trying to save as many animals as possible from the Vermilion Parish Animal Control facility.

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By working with trusted, vetted foster families and animal rescue agencies around the country, AAVA has already saved countless animals from certain death and placed them in loving homes. This cookoff will help AAVA continue its vital mission.

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We hope you can make a day of it and help a few really good causes. Y'all come eat!

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