UPDATE: A farmer has found the body of who Acadia Parish Sheriff's deputies believe is that of James Gunnels, who has been missing since he left an assisted living facility in Alexandria about a month ago.

The body was found several hundred yards away from his truck, which was found on Valentine's Day in Morse.


An Acadia Parish man has been missing for about a month now, and family members say they are very suspicious about everything surround their loved one's disappearance according to our news partners at KATC.

Family members say that James Gunnels left an Alexandria assisted living facility back on February 13, and he has not been seen since.

Gunnels' truck was found in Morse a day after the man was last seen. The truck was located on Blue Jay Road.

Law enforcement in Acadia Parish and from surrounding agencies, along with volunteers who have searched constantly for the man.

They have many questions, and they say exhaustion has set in. James Alban is the grandson-in-law of James Gunnels. He says the family just has so many questions about what could have happened to their grandfather.

Alban says hundreds of volunteers and law enforcement officials have used a variety of tools to search areas where they are looking for any information about where to find Gunnels.

Alban says they are not ruling out anything.

The investigation and the search continue for Gunnels. No one knows where Gunnels might be. The last thing that was known about where he was going, is that the man got in his truck to head to Walmart, but no one has had any contact with him since that time.

The town of Morse is about one hundred miles away from Alexandria, and Alban says that they wonder why they have found no clues in the crawfish pond or that area where the truck was located.

The torment of this situation goes on for the family.


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