Louisiana House members will vote today on leadership and the Acadiana delegation appears to be split. The state Republican Party has endorsed attorney Sherman Mack out of Albany. Governor John Bel Edwards has endorsed his challenger Clay Schexnayder, a Republican out of Gonzales.


In an interview with KPEL's Acadiana's Morning News, Rep. Blake Miguez was frustrated by the split among republicans. He says if Schexnayder becomes Speaker, Democrats will have control key committees concerning taxes and the all-important state redistricting process. That's due to happen after 2020 census data is compiled.

KPEL's Bernadette Lee reached out to a number of House members from the Acadiana delegation to get an idea of how they would be voting today. We've compiled their responses below.

Rep. Beau Beauilleu - Voting for Clay Schexnayder

Clay Schexneyder.  He is the most conservative of the two Republicans!  I campaigned on tort reform and his opponent Sherman Mack is a trial attorney who has fought tort reform for the last 8 years.   I’ll send you a link in just a second to back up what I’m texting.  Every opportunity I had I spoke about promoting small business and business opportunities... Clay is that guy.

Rep. Jean-Paul Coussan - Voting for Clay Schexnayder

BERNIE:  This is Bernadette from KPEL. Who are you voting for for the Speaker's post? Are you voting for Clay Schxsneiderr, and if so why?
You really won’t say your choice and why? What’s the big deal?
JEAN-PAUL:  Good morning Bernie. I’ll be happy to give you an interview when I’m back in Lafayette. The votes are all public per the constitution starting at 10 am. We are still working on things and it’s hectic. My family is here with me.
BERNIE:  You can’t just answer me? This is all going into the story that you reps won’t answer. Really?
JEAN-PAUL:  Stuart and I are voting for Republican small business owner Clay Schexnayder
BERNIE:  And why?

JEAN-PAUL:  Because of his unwavering integrity and he instills the same conservative values of my district.

Rep. Stuart Bishop - Voting for Clay Schexnayder, according to Jean-Paul Coussan

Rep. Julie Emerson - No response as of this writing.

Rep. Mike Huval - No response as of this writing.

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