If you do the shopping for your family's food then you know how much inflation has impacted your buying power when it comes to food.

Now imagine you live paycheck to paycheck, and the money you make doesn't go as far as it used to. That represents a large portion of the homes throughout Acadiana.

This is the reality for so many families in Acadiana. While we are a giving group of people in this area, the costs associated with inflation have taken their toll on our local charities too.

Second Harvest Food Bank reports that in the last year, the amount of food donated to their facility has gone down by 33%. Couple that with a 5.5% monthly increase in the number of people asking for help and pantry shelves are running dry.

Officials at Second Harvest say their food pantries are getting requests for help from people who generally haven't had to ask for help.

For those who can help, the 2nd Annual Acadiana Duck Derby is a fun way to help crush hunger in our area.

What is the Acadiana Duck Derby?

Rubber Ducks
Photo courtesy of Brad West -Bbnx1PT0yhA via-unsplash

For only $5 you can buy a duck that will race in the water at Moncus Park on Saturday, April 15 to try to be the first duck to cross the finish line to win $5,000. Ducks 2 through 9 will also receive a small prize.

Second Harvest uses $0.96 of every dollar donated to buy, warehouse, and distribute food to those in need.

Everyone in our building is in a race to see which one of us will be able to raise the most money by selling ducks. Click on this link to vote for whoever you want: duckrace.com/lafayette/teams .

Let's get some ducks, and then we will all see each other on Saturday, April 15 at 1 p.m. at Moncus Park to watch the race.

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