Attorney General Jeff Landry is alerting consumers to be on the lookout when buying vehicles, as nearly one million vehicles were flooded in Texas and Florida during recent hurricanes.

Landry says these flood-damaged vehicles could end up on the streets and sold to unsuspecting car buyers.

“Today, it’s estimated that throughout the nation, there are over 300,000 flood damaged vehicles from past disasters. I don’t want you to get taken for a ride.”

Landry says fraudsters tend to cross state lines to avoid scrutiny and they work to obtain false titles to hide flood damage. He advises consumers to obtain a vehicle history report. The AG says when shopping on the lot, there are some things you can look for that could point to a previously flooded vehicle.

“Be suspicious of unrealistic low prices. Check for musty smells or silt, which could indicate a past presence of moisture. Pull back the carpet for signs of water.”

Landry says if you suspect someone is knowingly selling a flood damaged vehicle, contact your local authorities or call the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Hotline at (800) 351-4889.

“We want to keep those flood damaged vehicles out of Louisiana. As your Attorney General, I need your help to protect our consumers and bring those who prey on the innocent to justice.”

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