An agitated alligator has knocked a wildlife trapper out cold with a wicked head-butt. The incident was captured on video and based on what we can see the trapper was out for a few seconds from the force of the blow.

South Carolina Alligator

Most of us, in Louisiana anyway, are quite familiar with the arsenal of weapons these descendants of the dinosaurs bring to the table. I would hazard to say none of us wants to be in reach of a 'gator's powerful jaws and teeth. But you know, the other end of the reptile, the tail, is just as deadly.

But in the videos, yes we found two different angles of the incident, you can see it wasn't the tail or the teeth or the mouth that did the damage. It was the alligator's head.

jamiehayes32503, Getty Stock / ThinkStock
jamiehayes32503, Getty Stock / ThinkStock

According to multiple media outlets, the alligator was spotted walking around in a neighborhood in Ocoee Florida. A trapper along with personnel from local law enforcement was on hand to secure the animal and remove him from the neighborhood. The alligator in question was reported to be about seven feet long.

Oddly enough that same neighborhood had requested an alligator removal just last month when a nine-foot alligator was seen roaming the streets where children played and rode bicycles.

Hey, it happens. This past Saturday here in Louisiana law enforcement officials in Lake Arthur issued a warning to swimmers and beachgoers who use Lake Arthur Park because of an alligator spotting in that area. Authorities in Lake Arthur even hooked that gator but he jumped off the line and was last seen swimming away from the public beach and swimming area.

Meanwhile, back in Florida, the trapper and his assistants had secured, or so they thought this particular alligator. His mouth was taped shut. His limbs were zip-tied and he looked ready to be placed in the back of the trapper's pickup truck for relocation.

That's when this happened.

The KO head-butt comes at about:45 seconds into the video and as you can see the strike was quick and effective. You can even see the trapper's sunglasses go flying from the force of the impact.

Here's how it looked from a different angle.

To quote the late Howard Cosell, "And down goes Fraizer". Dang, that looked as if that hurt.

From what we understand the trapper was okay. The alligator was then loaded into the back of the truck using a wench so no human beings had to be in his line of fire. It just goes to show you that even a tied-up alligator is a dangerous alligator. So, for all you Troy Landry want to be's, pay attention.

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