Ever frequent a restaurant just for the deserts? I'm talking about places more decadent than Friendly's and their Fribble. Sugar and Plumm is that kind of joint. Sure, the food is great too, but the deserts are like an outtake from Willy Wonka's wet dreams.

This Easter, S&P is offering a $1,000 Easter egg for people who both love chocolate and are too well off to frequent the holiday candy aisle at Walgreens.

What's inside a candy egg worth a grand? Our friends at Gothamist got the delicious details.

"The decadent egg contains dark, milk and white chocolates along with marzipan flowers, ladybugs, and what look like Angry Birds. It weighs in around 22-pounds, and stands 3-feet-tall."

Spending $1,000 on Easter candy sounds absolutely sacrilegious.

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