An Opelousas man is behind bars for attempted murder of his girlfriend saying she was evil and had to be killed.

Major Eddie Thibodeaux said last Thursday 33-year-old Christopher Shedd allegedly beat the victim unconscious with blows from a hammer to the head.

On Thursday, deputies responded to a medical call on Andre Martin Road in Opelousas. Upon arrival, they discovered the unconscious victim bleeding from her head.

Shedd told deputies she had fallen and struck her head. Reports from ER doctors contested Shedd's story, saying the victim had sustained two forceful impacts to her skull.

Shedd, who did not follow the victim to the hospital, was found at the residence attempting to clean the blood with bleach, vinegar and granular absorbents.

Thibodeaux said Shedd admitted to trying to kill his girlfriend after the two lived together for the past year.

Shedd stated that the victim was evil and needed to be killed. He felt that he was the only one that could do it. Shedd said that he had planned on killing her since the beginning of the week and stated prior to him getting off work and the victim picking him up, he obtained a double-sided small hammer and concealed it in the small of his back. When the victim exited the vehicle and was unlocking the carport door, Shedd retrieved the hammer from the small of his back and hit her as hard as he could in the back of the head. The victim fell to the ground and began to holler. Shedd did not want anyone to hear her hollering and wanted her to die quickly and painlessly so he struck her again in the left temple with great force.

--Major Eddie Thibodeaux

The victim--who underwent emergency surgery--remains in a Lafayette ICU. The extent of her brain injuries are not yet known.

Shedd was booked into the St. Landry Parish jail for attempted second-degree murder and obstruction of justice.. His bond is set at 300-thousand dollars.

“This is a very tragic case and prayers are needed for the victim," said Sheriff Bobby Guidroz.  "No one should suffer an attack like this. Anytime you feel you are in a relationship that is toxic, you should end the relationship before things get out of hand. In cases of domestic abuse, there are programs 24/7 waiting to assist you.”


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