The Islands of the Bahamas always seem so warm and so inviting. If this was any year other than 2020 that would still be the case. Just for the record, the islands are still warm but because of COVID-19 they are no longer inviting, at least to vacationers from the United States.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said the island nation will only allow international flights from Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. The ban also restricts outgoing flights back to the United States. These restrictions are set to go in place on Wednesday.

Now, if you already happen to be vacationing in the Bahamas and you are a citizen of the United States you will be allowed to leave. We should also note that this travel ban is applicable to commercial flights only. The Bahamas will continue to allow private flights, charters, as well as pleasure craft boats and yachts.

The island nation has reported just over 150 cases of COVID-19 and 49 of those cases were reported to have occurred after the borders were reopened on July 1st. The Bahamian government has also instituted very strict social distancing and facial covering guidelines as well. Failure to follow those rules, especially wearing a mask in public, could result in fines.

There was no timetable given as to when the travel restrictions might be lifted.


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