The food in Louisiana consistently ranks among the best in the US. Lafayette has been named the South's Tastiest City, and a top 10 "Foodie City." a Gallup Poll ranked New Orleans America's #2 favorite city for food. So, who's the best of the best? A recent survey by ranked the best po-boys in the Bayou State. Two popular Lafayette eateries cracked the top 10...

They set out to find the 11 best po-boys in the state. Why 11? I have no idea.

#11 Ray's Pee Gee in Monroe

#10 Gene's Po-Boys in New Orleans

#9 Darrell's in Lake Charles

#8 Old Tyme Grocery, in Lafayette

#7 Bear's Po-Boys, Matairie

#6 Rocco's in Baton Rouge

#5 Marilynn's Place, Shreveport

#4 Chris' Po-Boys, Lafayette

#3 Domilise's, New Orleans

#2 Griffin's Poboy Grille, THibodaux

#1 The Oyster Bar, Shreveport