Raycom Media will be the host. December 1st will be the date.

"The issue here is who represents Louisiana and who represents President Obama," says Dr. Cassidy. "I know I am with Louisiana. Senator Landrieu would know that if she actually met with people instead of staged media events. We will have a debate and we will discuss exactly that.

But Cassidy didn't stop there, leaving open the possibility of more debates with incumbent U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu.

"I issue my own challenge to Senator Landrieu: stop hiding from your record of lock-step support for President Obama," says Cassidy. "Senator Landrieu should be honest with the people of Louisiana; for every time Senator Landrieu barnstorms the state with Barack Obama, I will participate in another debate."

Landrieu finished with 42% of the vote in the primary on November 4th to make the runoff, while Cassidy garnered nearly 41%. But fellow Republican Rob Maness finished with nearly 14% of the vote, with most of those votes expected to go to Cassidy.

"Sen. Landrieu suggests six debates implying that the number six has some meaning," says Cassidy. "If we really want numbers that mean something, why not 97 debates - for the 97 percent of the time she's supported the President's failed agenda? Why not 716 - for the $716 billion she cut from Medicare when she chose to support Obamacare instead of our seniors. Or why not zero, the number of floor votes her clout got on the Keystone XL Pipeline and the number of times she has campaigned with President Obama."

The runoff election will be December 6th. Early voting will take place November 22-29.

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