It was supposed to be an opportunity for voters to see and hear all three of the contenders for the job of State Attorney General. However, the lunchtime meeting of the Baton Rouge Press Club will be missing one important component in today's forum. Incumbent candidate Buddy Caldwell has decided that he will be unable to attend the event.

I'm sure Mr. Caldwell has other pressing issues and one political observer says even if the issues aren't that pressing it's probably a good idea for him to skip today's forum.

Why give his opponent the publicity of being at the same debate as him. He’s got the advantage.

Those are the words of political observer and commentator Bernie Pinsonat.  Pinsonat made his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network and is suggesting that  for Caldwell to appear with opponents Jeff Landry and Marty Maley will not serve his campaign well.

The race for Attorney General is one of the tightest statewide races that is being contested. Caldwell trails Landry in cash on hand for the campaign. Landry has a reported $1.4 million in the bank while Caldwell has $1.2 million.

Another concern for Caldwell is how he will connect with his electoral base. Caldwell switched parties in 2011 and that means his campaign tactics will have to be a little different according to Pinsonat.

Rely on more of a traditional democratic campaign, not a lot of money coming from big business, relying on rural votes, north Louisiana. Part of that is getting a decent black turnout.

Landry, a former congressman, appears to have the conservative vote locked up.

Jeff Landry can raise a lot of money, he’s the real deal as a conservative republican. He’s got a lot of corporate money and a lot of republican backers. This is a great race.

A great race indeed. Besides the race for Governor this may be one of the more closely watched races in the state. Voters will go to the polls on October 24th to decide this race and many others across the state.