Baton Rouge Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Bill Cassidy touted the benefits of increasing domestic energy production while delivering the weekly Republican address.

Cassidy says a common sense solution to creating jobs and lowering energy costs is the construction of the Keystone Pipeline.

Building this pipeline creates 42,000 direct and indirect jobs.

"The State Department says that building this pipeline creates 42,000 direct and indirect jobs, has a negligible impact upon the environment and saves as there are fewer accidents shipping oil by pipeline instead of rail or truck."

Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, who Cassidy is challenging this fall, also supports the Keystone Pipeline and has a bill in the Senate that would green light the construction of the pipeline.

But in the GOP weekly address, Cassidy points to the democratic controlled Senate as a reason why the pipeline has yet to be built.

"President Obama and his allies like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are more interested in rolling out the red tap than the red carpet for these jobs."

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