Merry Christmas! Okay maybe you think I am jumping the gun a little, however, we have less than two months to enjoy the magic of Christmas. We are all looking for fun experiences when it comes to experiencing the numerous drive-through trails and some of us even drive to Dallas to get the most out of the magical season.

Piney Park is a new park that promises a night full of fun for the entire family.

This isn't a drive-through experience, and that's why we are excited. There is a 100-foot slide, which is enough to get me to go check it out. What is exciting for a lot of people is that there is an epic 10,000 square foot light maze.

Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

So basically dazzling lights galore? Yes, please.

This is not something you drive through, you get to bundle up and walk around with hot chocolate taking in the Christmas enchantment.

There are enclosed areas for children to play.

There are also jumbo jumpers for kids and adults. So it's not just the kids that get to have fun. There are areas for arts and crafts, there will be gingerbread houses on display to inspire you and of course, let's not forget Piney Peak aka the 100-foot slide.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

There is a huge Christmas tree at the center of the park, hello Christmas photoshoot!

It's described as 45 feet tall and it promises to be one of the prettiest trees in our area, so yes, plan to take that Instagram-worthy photo there.

There will be live music and food trucks set up around the park too. I took a peek at the map of the park and not only does this setup look epic, but there will be something for every single age group. Maybe you want a romantic date night or maybe you're looking for a fun night with the family.


The grand opening of Piney Park is on November 18th. Check out the pricing below or check the website by clicking here.

The address for this magical walk through trail is 600 Martin Lake Road
Marshall, TX 75672.

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