The City of Broussard is moving forward with efforts to bolster the community's water system by building three additional water wells.

Mayor Charlie Langlinais announced today that three test wells will be drilled to determine water quality and flow capacity. The test wells are projected to be completed by September at an estimated cost between $180,000 and $360,000 depending on the liability of the test wells.

Following the test well phase, three permanent wells are set to be constructed at an approximate cost of $3.75 million with an estimated completion date of May 2016.  Each of the permanent wells will include treatment, disinfection and water mains to connect the new wells to the existing water system.

"This is a huge benefit to the City," Langlinais said. "Isolation valves between the two other City of Broussard water systems will be opened to consolidate them into a single water system, which will improve water quality, pressure and fire rating. This project is expected to provide adequate capacity for the City of Broussard to discontinue purchasing water from Lafayette Utilities System."

Langlinais added the new wells will be able to serve up to 25,000 people.


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