Depending on where you are and when you are seeing this article you could be needing to take cover or at least go find an umbrella. The current radar signature from the National Weather Service Office in Lake Charles clear shows where the line of showers and storms associated with a cold front pushing across Louisiana are currently located.

Those showers and storms should bring some relief to the very thick and muggy conditions you've been experiencing since the passing of Tropical Storm Cristobal over the weekend. Tropical systems will do that, they really bring on the heat and humidity when they pass through.

Fortunately for us, a cold front or I should say cool front will sweep through South Louisiana this morning. There will be periods of rain and thunderstorms for the morning hours and then conditions should improve and the humidity will be a lot lower.

By this evening, the winds will be blowing from a northerly direction and that combined with the lower humidity will make tonight's 65-degree low temperature seem a lot cooler.

Oh, don't let St. Medard fool you, even though we got rain on St. Medard's Day we probably won't be seeing rain every day for the next 40 days as the legend would have you believe. In fact, the long-range forecast into early next week doesn't even call for a chance of showers in the afternoon. I hope you remembered where you put that garden hose because your plants are going to need it.

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