Congressman Bill Cassidy joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' by phone from Washington DC today and discussed acrimonious testimony from Department of Heallth Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

According to Congressman Cassidy,

As is common with this healthcare bill it's sometimes difficult to get the truth.  She (Sebelius) is saying that the increased premiums that everyone has seen on the Obamacare exchanges are because of the preventive benefits and that's just not true.

We noted that upon our viewing of Sebelius's testimony it seemed like she did her best to evade questions.  To that Cassidy said,

That's the bad thing because throughout this process we were told that the website would work, you could keep your insurance if you wished, you could keep your doctor if you wished and that the overall cost of the program would be affordable.  What we're finding out it all of those are not what they said they would be.

When asked how he voted on the budget bill yesterday he replied,

I voted for the deal.  It cut a further $23 billion from our spending.  It began to go after some entitlements.  Specifically people that are hired onto the Federal government will have lower retirement fund.  It decreased cuts to the military...And it put in the 'Doc Fix'.  Medicare patients were about to lose access to their doctors so it took care of that for three months until a long term solution can be put in place...Is it perfect? No, but it decreased spending, addressed entitlements, helps the military and helps senior citizens.

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