Earlier this year Governor John Bel Edwards said he was pledging to work to get teachers a $1,500 raise annually.

KPEL's Brandon Comeaux previously reported on how this increase has been making it through various legislative hurdles this session which will end on June 6. If the increase makes it through the entire process then the raises would become effective July 1 of this year.

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Now that the budget proposal has come out and more money is available than previously predicted, will teacher pay rise even more?

Governor John Bel Edwards is hoping that it will happen. The Governor says that while he is pleased that his increase is continuing to make it through the budgetary process, he is also hopeful that lawmakers will take his updated request and give teachers a $2,000 raise.

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In an April interview reported on by the Associated Press, the Governor says he is hoping that legislators will see fit to increase the pay that teachers receive each year.

Back in March, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education did approve the Minimum Foundation Program budget for 2022-2023 which included the $1,500 raise for teacher pay raises and $750 for support workers. The Minimum Foundation Program is the equation used for school districts in Louisiana. Now, is it possible that the increases could go up $500?

While the heads of the two of the state's teachers' unions told the Advocate the pay raise of $1,500 is a good start, they want to see more.

What Do Starting Teachers Make in Louisiana?

A check of various sources across the internet shows that base salaries for teachers vary widely. Starting teachers typically make around $25,000 a year while the nationwide average is $31,000. Obviously the more degrees and years of teaching experience you have, you earn a greater salary.

Other sites show the compensation as being higher, but they also include principals and other administrators with much higher salaries in their calculations. Starting teachers make $25,000 in Louisiana and $26,000 in Texas.

No matter where you land on this issue, Louisiana needs to stay competitive with other parishes and other states. Starting teachers make $25,000 in Louisiana and $26,000 in Texas.

What Is the Southern Regional Average for Teacher Pay?

The southern regional average pay for a teacher is around $55,000 while the national average is around $64,000. Principals and other administrators also have their salaries averaged in to come up with these numbers.

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