Louisiana Representative Paul Hollis of Covington has pre-filed a bill to restrict the use of automated traffic cameras. His legislation would prohibit the ticketing of individuals who don't live in the parish where those cameras are located:

If you reside in the area that doesn't allow for them we shouldn't be subjected to them. And I say subjected to them as fines or taxes.

Paul Hollis, Facebook

Rep. Hollis says drivers whose vehicles are registered in areas with no red light cameras shouldn't have to pay a fine they're issued a ticket. He also goes after the safety argument for their use. He says red-light and speed-enforcement cameras have nothing to do with helping keep Louisiana roads safer "because for every study that's out there that tries to assert that these are about improving public safety I find just as many studies out there that debunk those."

This is a different approach to failed bills filed by state lawmakers that have sought to elimate these cameras altogether. Rep. Hollis says he "give(s) greater credence to a uniformed officer traffic stop than...a red light camera machine" and believes automated cameras are nothing more than a revenue-generating tool:

I think of them as just taxing machines, that's it.

State lawmakers convene for the new session on April 8th.