One of our topics this morning involved red light cameras – and whether or not KPEL listeners agree with the concept. A new bill in the Louisiana would eliminate red light cameras on state highways.

We got an interesting call from one person who identified themselves as a libertarian. "Traffic are some of the only laws only established for public safety," the caller said – and thus, he was OK with them.

One caller called with a question: "Is there an actual process for being able to get out of these tickets?"

Nathan knew the answer – there is indeed an appeals process in place.

Our final caller said: "I agree with the cameras." Why? Because he doesn't have anything to fear from the traffic cameras.

Ultimately, Bernie agrees with Nathan on red light cameras.. "But I can understand where people are coming from, because everywhere you turn, there's a new camera there."

"It's creepy," she continued.

What do you think?

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