This is was really cool.

Watch as two crop duster planes, which are used in the farming process, fly over the hospital in Mamou to salute the medical staff at the facility.

In recent days we have seen the "Blue Angels" fly over major cities in the United States to salute those on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic, but we have yet to see anything in some of the smaller rural areas of the country.

The two planes flew over a crowd of folks outside of the hospital in a way to salute all that are working so hard during the COVID-19 pandemic and I was told that the medical staff at Savoy Medical Center were very thankful.

The flyover was organized by local officials in the town of Mamou on Thursday.

Again, we salute the many of you who are working so hard during this pandemic. From the truck drivers on the road to the medical professionals in hospitals. You all are the true heroes and your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

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Here is the flyover from Mamou.