A 50-year-old widowed dad has shaken up the social media world when he stated in a post on reddit.com that he makes his daughter do chores because he pays for her monthly feminine products. However, his son does not have to do chores.

Parenting is not easy, and this dad was either looking for advice or validation and boy is he getting it. And the comments are brutal.

The dad says he pays for both of his children's extracurricular activities. But he makes his daughter cook 4 family meals a week, clean the living spaces in the apartment and the bathroom as well as a "way of having her pay me back."

The daughter overheard a conversation between her dad and his brother in which she heard the Uncle say to her day, "You pay twice as much for your son's extracurriculars". The daughter was so distraught over finding out that the dad spends more on the son and yet he has no responsibilities around the apartment, that she packed a bag and moved to her sister's.

The dad believes the son's extracurricular activities will help to get him into college and that the daughter's activities are just hobbies.

The daughter is reportedly still at her sister's. The dad still doesn't see anything wrong with his way of thinking.

When the dad saw the thousands of posts, most not agreeing with him, he posted the following comment.

My son plays Football and Baseball while you daughter is in choir and a dance group, so yes I do think my son has a better chance at getting a scholarship. I’m not sexist and I don’t appreciate being called one, and for those of you messaging me saying you hope someone calls CPS on me, I’m not doing anything wrong so that’s just stupid.

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