NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Co-defendants of former NFL star Darren Sharper in Louisiana sexual assault cases have asked a federal judge for separate trials.

Erik Nunez and former St. Bernard Parish sheriff's deputy Brandon Licciardi are the remaining defendants in state and federal cases in which Sharper has pleaded guilty. Nunez is accused of obstructing the federal case; Licciardi is accused of distributing drugs to women, intending to rape them.

The judge's ruling was pending Tuesday.

Earlier Tuesday, the judge rejected a prosecution motion to disqualify Nunez's lawyer, Sara Johnson.

Court filings state that Sharper once made a $10,000 payment to Johnson to represent Nunez. Prosecutors said that posed a conflict, since Sharper is now cooperating in the case against Nunez. But Nunez said in court he doesn't want to change lawyers.

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