You might have to go home and get into your freezer to double-check that the ground beef you have frozen in there isn't part of the latest beef recall. Don't make that hamburger just yet.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Services says sixty tons of ground beef from Lakeside Refrigerated Services is being recalled because it could possibly be contaminated with E. Coli bacteria.

Thomas Farms Label
FSIS Photo

Packages of ground beef that have the label of Thomas Farms, Nature's Reserve, Marketside Butcher, Weis, and Tajima are being recalled because the meat is possibly contaminated with the bacteria.

If you bought beef with these labels, and some were sold in Louisiana, then you need to throw it away. The beef was produced between February 1 and April 8 of this year.

How Do I Check My Ground Beef?

According to the FSIS the products have the following: "EST. 46841" on the inside USDA inspection label. If you want to check out all the product labels of the impacted ground beef, you can click here.

One of the products being recalled is Tajima Kobe Ground Beef 1/4, a pack of four, beef patties.

While the USDA reports they have no illnesses reported, they remind customers to check all packs of ground beef for that USDA label. When consumed, the infected product would show symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting two to eight days after it is consumed. If you have questions you call Lakeside Refrigerated Services at 800-493-9042.

If you have the product and want to return it for a refund, visit the store where you purchased the item.

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