Summer in Louisiana is HOT and we are always ready for an ice-cold beer. Whether we are just relaxing on our patio or having a big, greasy burger and fries, an ice-cold beer can be just what we need. But sometimes, our beer might be “off”. By “off”, I mean flat, or just not tasting up to par. Beer lovers in the Midwest shared a simple way to add a kick to your beer and make cheap beer taste better. Pour your beer in a cold mug and then, just add a pickle.

Say what? A pickle? And this isn't even something new. According to Esquire back in 2017, Joe McClure of McClure’s Pickles says the pickle complements the lager because of the slight vinegar and salt. A dill spear is a perfect pickle. The longer it sits in the beer, the better.

Apparently, it has become the norm for a lot of beer drinkers to add a pickle to their beer. Well, I will try it tonight. And I’m looking forward to eating the pickle when I’m done with the beer.

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