(BATON ROUGE) - Today, U.S. Representative and Senate Candidate, Bill Cassidy M.D., announced receiving the endorsement of Dr. Ben Carson.

"As a fellow physician, Dr. Carson knows first-hand that Obamacare cannot and will not work for patients," said Dr. Cassidy. "Dr. Carson is doing the American people a great service not only by informing them of the damage that Obamacare is doing to our healthcare system, but by laying out positive alternatives. I have great respect for Dr. Carson's medical work, and look forward to working with him to repeal and replace Obamacare with common-sense reforms to ensure that every American has access to quality, affordable healthcare."

In endorsing Cassidy, Dr. Carson said, "In voting for Obamacare, Senator Landrieu chose to empower Washington bureaucrats over the people of Louisiana. Dr. Cassidy's career has been one of leadership on behalf of individuals and patients, particularly the uninsured. If we are to build a healthier America with more freedom, choice and opportunity, we need committed reformers like Bill Cassidy in the U.S. Senate."

Dr. Cassidy also signed the Ben Carson's 2014 Save our Healthcare Candidate Pledge. Click HERE to view the pledge.