A wedding is a special moment in a couple's life. One of the most vital parts of wedding, in my opinion, is the photographer. It's one of the more important decisions when it comes time to planning the ceremony and reception.

One photographer made a shocking decision after the couple she was shooting refused to let her have a 20 minute break, and it has the internet buzzing.

In a recent article from Newsweek, a woman recounts her experience with an unruly couple at a wedding ceremony and reception. She isn't a photographer by trade, but agreed to shoot the wedding as a favor to the couple. She asked for a $250 flat rate for 6 hours of shooting.

When the couple decided the photographer couldn't take a 20 minute break to eat, drink or use the restroom...she took matters into her own hands by deleting ALL the photos from the day.

This story has the internet buzzing. The majority of people are backing the photographer.

We have all heard of the term "bridezilla", but what about the groom? The couple made the decision to say no to breaks...this user says this could be telling about his union.

I mostly agree with this next tweet, but that could just be the Scorpio in me. It is the most logical.

The most surprising thing about this story? The bride reached out to the photographer post deletion, and cleared the air with the photographer. She agreed to take a fresh set of photos for the couple...for the same price.

There are two lessons that we can all learn from this situation. One: you get what you pay for, and Two: be nice to people that are doing you a favor. A wedding is stressful enough for everyone involved, as is.

Treat people with kindness, and if you can't do that, give the couple back their photos blurry and unusable instead of deleting them.

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