After it was assumed that Dustin Poirier would be a guest on Joe Rogan's incredibly popular podcast, 'The Joe Rogan Experience', that assumption was confirmed when the show uploaded the two hour podcast today along with some select video clips from the interview.

'The Joe Rogan Experience', which is exclusively available on Spotify, uploaded a few clips to their YouTube Page that highlighted some moments from the Poirier interview. Dustin Poirier, who has been working hard to promote his new Louisiana style hot sauce as well as the Good Fight Foundation, opened up to Rogan about topics like Conor McGregor, the trilogy fight between them, calf-kicks, and even Floyd Mayweather.

You can check out the clips for yourself below via the PowerfulJRE YouTube page.

In this clip, Poirier takes the time to deep-dive into his last bout with Conor McGregor during UFC 257 which he won via TKO in the 2nd round of the massive main-event fight. Rogan asks Poirier what the ideal time for their trilogy fight would be to which "The Diamond" replied, "June or July".

Poirier wants to take a little more time to enjoy his life and family here in Louisiana, but said he will be ready to go whenever that call from UFC Commissioner, Dana White, comes. The Lafayette Legend thinks that both he and McGregor, as well as the UFC and its fans, would benefit from the respective fighters getting more time to adjust their styles and develop as fighters.

Rogan opened up this portion of the interview with a fair question asking, "What was it like fighting Conor when he wasn't an asshole?". A lot of time had passed between Poirier and McGregor's first meeting, which Poirier believed had a lot to do with McGregor being a much different person during the lead up to their UFC 257 fight.

Poirier recognized that McGregor had matured in life and in his career, especially crediting the Irishman's children as a reason for his changed demeanor. Conor McGregor can still go after anyone in the fighting world that he feels like picking on, but the respect level between the two of them was way too high at this point in their careers for the same kinds of trash talk to happen as it has in the past.

Rogan also asked another good question in this clip to Poirier, "What did you think of Conor pulling up to "Fight Island" in that yacht?" to which the Lafayette native replied, "That was BALLER man!".

This yacht conversation eventually led to the topic of Floyd Mayweather, who Rogan says was the only guy in fighting who could really live the "baller" lifestyle while still beating everyone they faced. Poirier agree, as he clearly was enjoying the conversation that him and Rogan were having.

Definitely a good talk so far between Joe Rogan and Dustin Poirier, but this is only a small portion of the two hour interview that went down in Austin, TX.

If you want to catch the entire interview, you will have to do so on Spotify.

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