The state Department of Education releases a survey that finds all 69 public school districts are offering some level of distance education while campuses are closed.

“The survey also showed there is a long way to go to ensuring that every child has equitable access to high-quality education during this time and into the future,” said DOE spokesperson Sydni Dunn.

The study found that many students and teachers do not have the right technology to maximize learning, 28% of students do not have access to a computer and 66% of students have home Internet access.

Dunn says the methods used in continuous education varies greatly by school system depending on the unique needs of their students.

“Some school systems reported to us they are offering paper packets, review materials from earlier in the year, while some are teaching whole classes or new content via zoom or other online platforms,” said Dunn.

But the survey found that only 32% of school systems are connecting with students every day.

(Story written by Jeff Palermo/Louisiana Radio Network)


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